Want a one-stop shop for healthy products that actually work? I’ve got you covered!

Here are some of my favourites to help you make your transition to a healthier home that much easier.

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Note from Emma:
Unlike most affiliate shops, I am avoiding Amazon. With a poor track record of worker conditions, treatment of small businesses who list with them, and high risk of fraudulent products I cannot support their platform. As a result, I have chosen other avenues in the links below. Thank you for your support!

Online Shopping Resources

These are great places to look for general online shopping.

Healthy Moms Discount Card

Get access to amazing discounts on healthy products and services (many of them are listed in my shop too) with a one-time card purchase! Save $5 off the regular price with code EMMASAVE5 at checkout.

A Canadian one-stop-shop for a wide range of food, housewares, personal care, and cleaners.

Personal Care

Skincare, cosmetics, period products… all of these are simple and important swaps for your healthy home journey. Here are some of my favourites!

Green Beaver Sunscreen

The pump spray and baby lotion are my top picks for the kids. The spray is non-aerosol (I don’t recommend those) and goes on quickly for squirmy littles. The baby lotion is less greasy.

Beautycounter Sunscreen

The lotion and stick are my personal favourites! It goes on nicely, is non-whitening, and doesn’t feel super thick, chalky, or greasy.

Pure Anada Make-Up

From a non-toxic mascara that won’t run to beautifully pigmented eye shadows and skin nourishing foundations, this is my go-to brand for all things make-up.

Thera Wise Natural First Aid Kit Essentials

From the Vapour Rub to Skin Healing Ointment to Acne Treatment, Therawise offers plant-based high performance products free from petrochemicals and other toxins found in most of these products.

Green Beauty Consultations & Products

Maria Velve is an incredible wealth of knowledge (and the only person I trust my face with for photo shoots). If you’re looking to switch to non-toxic, Canadian-made make-up and skincare, Maria is your answer.

Green Beaver Deodorant

This is the first natural deodorant that worked for me - through stress sweats, workouts, and camping trips. It’s my top recommended deodorant to try when you’re switching to natural. They also have a natural anti-perspirant.

Routine Deodorant

I am loving this paste style deodorant. There are baking soda-free options too for sensitive pits.

Diva Cup

Say goodbye to wasteful and expensive pads and tampons, and hello to your new best period friend! I switched to a Diva Cup over 10 years ago and can’t believe I waited so long.

Green Beaver Shampoo & Conditioner

This combo works really well for my curly hair that’s on the dry side.

LIFANCE Skincare

LIFANCE creates powerful, clean formulas with high concentrations of potent botanical ingredients. LIFANCE is designed for all skin types including sensitive and problem skin.

The Complete Guide to Choosing Healthy Products: Personal Care and Cleaners Edition

Learn how to figure out if a product is as healthy as it seems plus get my curated list of brands for specific products most commonly found in your home.
Emma leaning over counter with line-up of products

Wondering what levels of hormone disrupting chemicals are in your body?

Find out with Million Marker, mail-in body toxicity test that evaluates levels of BPA, phthalates, parabens, and more. 

Million Marker box and sample kit

Cleaning Products

Gone are the days when green cleaners didn’t work (thank goodness!). Here are my top recommended brands and what I use in my own home.


High performance cleaners that won’t break the bank or destroy your indoor air quality.

Green Beaver Castile Soap

This is the powerhouse ingredient for homemade hand soaps and my DIY Cleaners recipes (found here).


Looking for a safe way to disinfect? Benefect offers a naturally-derived, hospital grade disinfectant. Click “Find a Distributor” on their website to locate a retailer near you.

For Babies & Kids

The most important thing to remember is babies don’t need a lot! But for when you need a solution, here are some of my go-tos.

Badger Cloth Diaper-Friendly Cream

This soothing balm is great for sensitive diaper rash-prone skin, and general skin healing.

Green Beaver Baby

The fragrance free lotion, baby wash, and diaper cream are excellent, clean products for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Thera Wise

The fragrance free lotion, baby wash, and diaper cream are excellent, clean products for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Naturepedic Crib Mattress

One of the most important investments you can make is what your baby sleeps on - often for several years! This is my favourite and most recommended.

Naturepedic Mattress Pads

Non-toxic protective covers for crib, bassinet and playpens.

Jackson Reece Unscented Baby Wipes

I used mainly cloth wipes, but for the extra messes or while out and about, these worked the best!

The Good Kiind Lunch Box

Non-toxic and built-to-last, this bento-box style stainless steel lunch box is also leakproof thanks to the silicone seal! My son's favourite. Enter code emmagreenathome in the ORDER NOTES and receive a free silicone bag set!

How to Create a Healthy Baby Registry Guide

Get more product recommendations and guidance on what you need before and after baby arrives with my Guide!

Mattresses & Bedding

Naturepedic Mattresses

Great for kids, this coil mattress is made in the USA of non-toxic materials.

Mattress Protectors

Protect your non-toxic mattress investment (or any mattress for that matter) with vinyl- and toxin-free.

Non-Toxic Pillows

Something for everyone here! My favourite is the shredded rubber - it moulds to your body and you can adjust how much fill you need.

Sunshine Mattress Co.

Certified organic natural latex mattresses, wool duvets, and pillows - made in Canada, and they have a physical retail location in Toronto if you're local and want to test them out.


Have you ever thought about what goes into the clothes you wear every day? Here are some amazing brands with healthier, greener, options.

TMPL Sportswear

TMPL operates under the pillars of Clean (non-toxic fabrics), Conscious (ethically made in Canada), and Performance (wicking, soft, compression, anti-odour, they have it all!).

Logan & Finley

This is my go-to boutique clothing shop for sustainable, made-to-last fashion. From play dates to business they have it all. And owner Julie is an incredible stylist if you’re stuck or need inspiration!
Mayana Geneviere Models

Mayana Geneviere

Gorgeous nursing bras, body suits, bralettes, and sleepwear. Ethically and sustainably made in Canada so you can feel and look great.

Q for Quinn

Q for Quinn makes the best socks! Perfect for sensitive littles plus fun patterns for the whole family - and they're BPA-free (which sadly is a thing for socks). Use code GREENATHOME to save 10%.

Water Filter

There is no right water filter for all scenarios. It’s important that you understand what your water contains and what you want to remove. Read this blog post for more.

Guide to Choosing a Water Filter cover image

Guide to Choosing a Water Filter

A Step-by-Step Guide to help you figure out what's in your water and how to choose a filter that's best for you. Includes suggested products.

Tap Score Water Test Kits

Don't guess what's in your water, test it before choosing a filter to make sure your investment is the right one!

Books & Resources

Want to nerd out on topics related to health, toxins, and the environment? Here are some of my favourites.

Slow Death by Rubber Duck

The updated edition combines the original under the same title and the follow-up “Tox-In Tox-Out”. It’s a great read that makes the science and solutions easy to follow.

Clean, Green & Lean

Not my favourite title, but a great book none-the-less about supporting overall health and detoxification by one of the originals in environmental medicine, Dr. Walter Crinnion.

The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution

This is a must-read for all women. It’s written by one of my go-to experts, Dr. Aviva Romm, and helps you understand your body in ways you never have before. It outlines her 4-week plan to regain balanced hormones.

Let Them Eat Dirt

This is an engaging and interesting read about the importance of the microbiome, and how we can help our kids build strong immune systems. A must-read for all parents.

Sicker Fatter Poorer

A great book filled with easy to understand science and history of hormone disrupting chemicals, and the havoc they’re wreaking on our health. Plus tips on how you can reduce exposure.

Count Down

World renowned environmental and reproductive epidemiologist Dr. Shanna Swan and health writer Stacey Colino bring this timely and essential book on the impact of phthalates and other hormone disruptors on male fertility in particular, and steps you can take to reduce your exposure.