Healthy Baby & Toddler

Healthy Baby & Toddler

Babies are not just small adults. They are exposed to more toxins than adults, and have immature detoxification and immune systems - which means they are particularly vulnerable to the health risks associated with toxins in our homes.

We know these toxins are contributing to increased rates of reproductive issues, asthma & allergies, cancer, and more. 

But the good news is, there are simple changes you can make to support your child’s long-term health! And you don’t have to live in a bubble or start making everything from scratch to make a difference.

We’ve compiled some resources to help you navigate changes you can make in your home – as always, they’re science-based and created with the busy parent in-mind. Have a peak below! 

(If you’re planning to have a baby or in the early stages of pregnancy, check out the Preconception & Pregnancy resources here.)

Guides & Courses

Free Resource

How to Read Labels to Avoid Greenwashing

Learn how to amp up your label-reading skills plus get our list of green vs greenwashed personal care and cleaning product brands.

Free Resource

Room-by-Room Hormone Disruptor Checklist

Hormone disrupting chemicals are linked with a wide range of health issues, and are found in every corner of your home. Find out which ones you can easily control with this checklist of strategies.

Free Resource

Guide to Choosing an Air Purifier

Not all air purifiers are created equally. And if you don’t know what you want it to do and make your decision accordingly, you might as well throw your money down the drain. So do me a favour and read this before making any decisions, ok?

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Free Resource

5 Asthma & Allergy Triggers to Avoid in Your Home

If you want to manage asthma or allergy symptoms long-term, you should look beyond the typical triggers (dust mites, smoke, etc.). Common triggers in your home may not only be causing flare ups, but could make the conditions worse long-term. What’s more, many ingredients in household products can cause asthma to develop over time. Learn how to avoid them in this free PDF.

short course

The Complete Guide to Choosing Healthy Products: Personal Care and Cleaners Edition

If you’re ready to kick toxins in your personal care and cleaning products to the curb, this Guide is for you! With my step-by-step guide, you’ll discover how to clean up your products without having to toss them all and start from scratch. You’ll get money- and sanity-saving strategies plus specific brand recommendations so you can say goodbye to stress and overwhelm.

Monthly Membership

The Healthy Home Collective

This monthly membership offers group coaching with Green at Home founder and toxics expert Emma Rohmann, weekly Action Steps to Success, and support from a community of others who want you to succeed. Create healthy home habits that last with the support and accountability you need to lower your toxic load with confidence!

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