About Emma

Meet Emma Rohmann

There is a ton of information – and misinformation – out there when it comes to toxins in the products you use every day. This can make it almost impossible to figure out how to create a healthy home without feeling completely overwhelmed.

I get it – and I can help. I’m Emma Rohmann, a mom of two and an environmental engineer with a decade of experience in the green building field. I help parents and parents-to-be make healthier choices by providing practical and judgement-free advice, support, and product recommendations.

Healthy, green living can be simple and practical. And I’m here to show you how.

Green at Home began while I was on mat leave with my second child in 2015. I had been living green in my own home for over 10 years, but wanted to find ways of living a greener life on a two-kid budget. When I began to research options, I found that there was a lack of balanced information out there – businesses were saying one thing and environmental groups were saying another.

I saw a need for a practical, impartial voice to help cut through the noise and make sense of the research.

Green at Home began as a blog – a place where I could consolidate and share balanced information as I researched green living and made changes in my own life.

The catalyst for turning this passion project into a business was being recruited by the David Suzuki program to join its ‘Queen of Green’ coaching program. As part of that experience, I helped six families green their homes and reduce their exposure to toxins. The work was so fulfilling and inspiring – I knew I had to find a way to do the same for other families.

Since then I’ve led dozens of workshops and helped many clients create greener homes and businesses.

I’ve also upped my continuing education game, having successfully completed:

  • Certificate in Environmental Health: An Integrative Approach from the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tuscon.
  • Microbiome Summit Trainings, put on by the University of Toronto Leslie Dan Department of Pharmacy
  • Autoimmunity and Environmental Toxicants, an online class by Dr. Walter Crinnion through the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my expertise with like-minded organizations, including:

  • Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine as a guest lecturer on environmental health and its impact on reproduction and fertility.
  • Eco Baby Certification Course for doulas.
  • EcoParent Magazine Section Editor and contributor.
  • Green Moms Collective contributor.
  • Think Dirty as a Clean Beauty Champion.
  • CertClean as a judge for their Clean Beauty Awards.
  • Wear the Change Movement interviewee alongside industry experts like Adria Vasil.
  • Featured as one of Mamavation’s 50 Best Healthy Mom Blogs in Canada.
  • Big Carrot Lecture Series and Women’s Healthy Environment Network guest speaker.

My goal through all that I do is, first and foremost, to provide practical, balanced, relevant information that will help you move the dial and and make healthier choices – and to do it in a friendly and approachable way.

When not at my computer researching all-things environmental health, I love to get into nature, play ultimate Frisbee, and spend time with my husband and two young children.