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EP12: How to Have Tough Conversations with Fiona Proctor

The truth is, seeking to reduce toxins in your daily life isn’t “normal”. There is a lot of judgment for people who go against the grain, and this can be exhausting.

I spent most of my healthy and green home journey keeping what I’d learned to myself, and not sharing my reasons behind choosing less toxic products. But that doesn’t help educate others who are curious, nor does it make it easier when other people start commenting about your choices in unsupportive ways.

For this episode, I asked my best friend, canoe trip buddy, and fellow status-quo-disruptor, Fiona Proctor to talk with us about how to have tough conversations.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why women in particular (and in general) shy away from having tough conversations
  • How we can approach tough conversations so we can be heard
  • Subconscious vs unconscious decision-making
  • The role of curiosity when interacting with others
  • How to ask questions more effectively
  • How to speak with your partner who isn’t on board
  • How to speak with family and friends

Fiona Proctor is a Registered Nurse, Partner, Mom, and lover of life. She supports nurses (as well as other humans) to lead their truest lives, as well as be the change they so desperately want to see in the world. Fiona is an avid canoe tripper, wool and coffee lover, and can be found on the cross-country ski hills in ridiculous costumes teaching little people how to ski in the winter.

You can find Fiona on Instagram @nursesknowthyself and at her website: www.nursesknowthyself.ca.