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EP08: Teen Period Health & Literacy with Dr. Erin TeWinkel

Why is a podcast about toxins talking about teen periods? Because there is so much shame and stigma around menstruation, and I believe this affects our ability to advocate for our health and our bodies. And I believe this is one of the preventable root causes of misdiagnosed health issues, particularly common amongst womxn. 

So this episode is to help empower and educate caregivers and teens alike on what a healthy teen period should look like, what’s normal with first periods, what to watch for, and why your period is the fifth vital sign of overall health. Most importantly, I want to help more teens know they shouldn’t have to suffer through menstruation every month.

To help with this important conversation I’m chatting with naturopathic doctor Erin TeWinkel, The Teen Wellness Warrior. She is on a mission to improve teen wellness and build their foundation so that they own their health for the rest of their life. Dr. TeWinkel believes that if teens are supported in their health early on, the stage for success can really be set. She acts as a mentor to empower teens throughout the many ups and downs of adolescence, creating a tailored plan to address hormonal struggles, acne, painful periods, anxiety and depression, dieting and healthy weight management.

In this episode we cover:

  • Menstruation myths and misunderstandings
  • What “normal” first periods should be like and when to get support
  • Period products, from pads, tampons, cups, and period underwear
  • What the Pill does and doesn’t do
  • Diet culture & fad diets – what teen menstruators need instead
  • Special considerations for athletes
  • How teens might feel at each stage of the menstrual cycle
  • Tips to have conversations with your teen when it feels awkward


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Instagram: @drtewinkel

Dr. TeWinkel’s Website: www.erintewinkel.com

Blog on pads, tampons, and alternatives: https://greenathome.ca/should-you-switch-to-organic-tampons-pads/ 


Book Recommendations:

The Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden