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EP03: Is Amazon Safe? What you need to know before buying children’s products online

Online marketplaces like Amazon, Wish, and AliExpress have in some ways made life easier, but they should come with a warning: Not all products may be as they appear. 

This episode is an interview with Jennifer Myers Chua, co-owner of Hip Mommies, a Canadian distributor of high quality baby and children’s products. Over the years, especially after having our own child, Jennifer helped the business focus more on their value system. They look for goods that are thoughtfully designed, responsibly manufactured, third-party tested safe, non-toxic, earth friendly, prioritizing sustainable materials, and being multipurpose.

Through this process, she became intimately aware of the issues around counterfeit products and the dangers they pose for our children, and the planet. We discuss what she uncovered, how we can be more conscious consumers, and what you need to know before buying from Amazon.

You can also read the interview in blog form here.


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Hip Mommies Counterfeits page: https://hipmommies.ca/health-safety/counterfeit

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