Introducing The Missing Pillar of Health Podcast

Welcome officially to The Missing Pillar of Health Podcast! If you’re listening to this when it’s released, we are almost 7 months into the global covid-19 pandemic. I think a lot of people have started new projects during this time and it may seem like this is one of them. But in reality, I’ve been muttering about starting a podcast for a year. And I’ve been building up the content you’re going to hear each week for the past 15 years.

I was searching for a podcast on the impact our environment has on our health. And by extension, the impact this has on our happiness, wealth, families, communities, and the planet. Now when I talk about the “environment” as it relates to health, it means everything we’re surrounded by, including the products we use, food we eat, water we drink, and air we breathe.

Lots of podcasts have individual episodes on the subject (I’ve been interviewed for several myself), but none of them are dedicated specifically to this topic of environmental health. At least not in the way I wanted them to be.

And so, here we are, with the podcast I couldn’t find so decided to create myself!

I wanted to kick off the show with a little intro – to help you figure out if this podcast is right for you and share more about my background and expertise. Enjoy!

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