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EP15: Fluoride, EMFs, Radon – 3 Hidden Toxins You Should Address This Winter

Now with a title like “Fluoride, EMFs, and Radon” you might think this is going to be a 3-hour episode. These are all very big topics! I have spent probably over 24 hours researching all of these issues. That doesn’t make me an expert by any stretch, but I have a pretty decent understanding of what we know, what we don’t know, and how you can move forward on each of these issues without total analysis paralysis.

I think these topics are rife with confusion, overwhelm, and sometimes fear. If you’re like a lot of people I speak with, learning about these issues itself is a hurdle. Because once you learn something, you can’t unlearn something. I know when I was starting off my own healthy home journey, I ignored things like fluoride, EMFs, and radon for a long time because the thought of acting on the information was too scary. I didn’t want to have to debate my dentist or be afraid of things I couldn’t control when it came to my neighbour’s WIFI. And, well, radon wasn’t even on my radar until a few years ago.

But as I’ve discovered, these issues are important and I believe we can take action on them without fear. And because they all require a similar mindset – that is, trusting that you can take the information and act on it without fear – I’m giving them to you in one episode as a summary and quick action plan.

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