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EP41 | Multiple Chemical Sensitivity with Maria Rizzo

In today’s episode, I’m introducing you to Maria Rizzo. This is a conversation I had with Maria in 2019. She was educating and raising awareness about a condition she struggled with called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, likely caused by her work in a nail salon. MCS is a condition I don’t think enough people know about, so I wanted to reshare this interview because it’s still incredibly relevant and important to hear.

Sadly, I recently learned of Maria’s passing in December, 2020. Her health declined over the two years prior, much of which she spent in a hospital to be by her father’s side. Whether this caused her death, we won’t know. But we do know that hospital environments are not made for people who get sicker around cleaners, disinfectants, and synthetic chemicals.

I reached out to Maria’s partner to ask if I could share the audio recording of my conversation with Maria. He happily gave permission, and hopes it helps more people understand the challenges people with MCS face, and the shifts we can make to help make healthier environments more accessible.

This episode starts with a primer of what MCS is, and then you’ll hear a first hand account of what it’s like living with the condition from Maria, and how you can support those who may be chemically-sensitive around you.

Watch a video made by Maria that explains MCS: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=227609718541141
Maria’s Facebook Group, Fragrance Free Revolution, continues. You can join here: https://www.facebook.com/fragrancefreerevolution

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