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EP40 | Q + A with Emma Rohmann

This episode is a little different! I’m sharing a live Q+A session I held in my Facebook Group, The Green Product Forum a couple of months ago. In case you missed it, or you want to know answers to common questions I get over and over again, I’m bringing it to you today!

The questions I answer cover topics like:
– ‘natural’ tick repellent.
– How to convince your husband to switch to all the green products when he doesn’t think they clean as well.
– New organic children’s clothing vs second hand non-organic children’s clothing in terms of toxins and environmental impact.
– I review product ingredient lists for Elements wipes, Everyone products, and Avalon Organics
– My favourite alternatives to sponges, paper towels for dish washing/kitchen needs
– And I go into a lengthy discussion about Water wipes. Are they really that bad?

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