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EP39 | Healthy Sleep: The Why & How

Sleep is an important pillar of health that we’re all aware of, but most of us aren’t getting good quantity, quality, or both. As it relates to toxins, sleep is when our bodies do much of the detoxification we rely on to stay healthy. It’s also when our brains process what happened during the day and stores memories.

And I know we’ve all experienced the after-effects of not being well-rested – short tempers and low energy, for example.

So I wanted to dig into the science of sleep. Because the more knowledge we have about our bodies, the more informed decisions we can make about how we go about our days (and nights). For this conversation, I’m chatting with naturopathic Doctor Olivia Rose.

She is a writer and speaker with 14 years of experience under her belt. She has built a thriving private practice centered around evidence-based and traditional naturopathic medicine and has a special interest in digestive and immune health; infertility; weight management; skin rejuvenation and chronic disease prevention. In addition to being the clinic director and founder of Rose Health Clinic, she is also the CEO of ReLiv Organics, a natural and organic skin care line. Her work has led her to be consistently featured in television segments, podcasts and publications reaching thousands of people with her natural health expertise and wellness advice.

In this episode we cover:
– Why sleep is so important
– What happens in our bodies when we sleep
– Quantity vs Quality and how to improve both
– Sleep cycles, and what common triggers disrupt different stages of sleep
– Advice for new parents who can’t get a full night’s sleep
– Lifestyle shifts and supplements that can help improve sleep

Where to find more from Dr. Rose:
Instagram: @oliviarosend
Rose Health Clinic: http://www.rosehealthclinic.com/
ReLiv Organics Inc: http://www.relivorganics.com/

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