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EP26 | From Eco-Grief to Warriorship & Sane Action

Learning about and acting on toxins, environmental degradation, and other hard topics requires the capacity to do so without letting it drag you down. It can be easy to sink into fear and despair, feeling like it’s too big to handle. We are needed. And we can make a difference. So we need the capacity to tackle hard things.

I was lucky enough to start to build this capacity with support from Lindsay Coulter when I worked with her in the David Suzuki Foundation’s Queen of GreenTM Coaching Program. I invited her to chat with me to help you build capacity too.

Lindsay Coulter is a dedicated mother of two, naturalist, community catalyst, soul activist, mentor, writer and horse lover in Victoria, B.C. She seeks to inspire others to claim sane leadership and find better ways to be in this world together. She believes in creating good human society wherever we are, whenever we can with the people and resources available to us now.

Her expertise is as a green living expert for more than a decade, as former David Suzuki’s Queen of GreenTM, a leader, mentor, facilitator, community catalyst, compassion cultivator, soul activist and courageous conversation starter.

Find her @SaneAction on Instagram and Facebook. She’s also the Director of Communications, Culture and Community of EPIC Learning Centre, a forest and nature school in Victoria, B.C.

In this conversion, we cover a lot of ground, including:

  • What it means to take sane action
  • Simple ways to build community and why this is essential
  • How we can reconnect to nature in an increasingly disconnected world
  • Eco-grief and building the capacity to cope
  • How to show up on social media
  • Having conversations with people who aren’t on board
  • Hope and fear in chaotic times

This conversation is thought-provoking, envelope-pushing, and humbling. I encourage you to listen with an open mind – and more than once. There is so much goodness in here, I will come back to it at different times because I know it will bring up different ah-ha moments each time.

You can find Lindsay here:
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SaneAction
On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saneaction
The forest and nature school, EPIC: https://epiclearningcentre.org/

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