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EP24 | Is Organic Produce Worth It?

I started prioritizing organic food where I could back in 2004. Admittedly, I didn’t do much research. I read Silent Spring, watched a couple of documentaries, was learning about pesticides in our soil and water supplies, and I was convinced it was the right thing to do. When I became a mom and had 2 kids to feed, I decided I should take a look at the facts to see if organic produce is worth the cost premium.

I wrote my first blog post on organic food back in 2015. This was actually the research project that launched Green at Home as a public-facing venture. Since that post, I’ve written others on the EWG Dirty Dozen, pesticide washes, and glyphosate. And let me tell you, this topic doesn’t get any easier.

The problem with trying to find balanced information about organic food is that there are lobby groups on both sides intent on pushing their agendas – making it very difficult to decipher fact from hyperbole.

In this episode, I do my best to walk through what I see as the key considerations when weighing the decision to invest in organic food – or not.

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