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EP22 | Practical Low-Waste Living with Meera Jain

Zero waste became a buzzword in recent years, and has sparked some great conversation around what we can do to reduce waste. For many, however, I think “zero waste” is an unrealistic goal and can lead to not taking any steps to reduce waste.

If zero waste is your goal – amazing. But know that you can go low waste, not necessarily zero waste, and reduce your footprint and lower your toxic load while you’re at it. Now, I have a long way to go before I consider myself even low waste. It’s an ongoing work in progress… so for today’s show I’m sharing a conversation I had with Meera Jain, who is known on Instagram as the Green Mum. Her approach to sharing her low waste journey is so practical and approachable, I invited her to join me for a Facebook Live within my client community back in 2020.

Our conversation is still very relevant, so I’m sharing it with you on today’s show. In this conversation, we cover:

  • How she got her husband on board
  • Tips to bring others on board who might not be open to it initially
  • Benefits she’s experienced as she shifts to low waste living
  • Tips to reduce single use plastic in the kitchen

I highly encourage you to follow Meera on Instagram, @thegreenmum for more awesome tips and tricks!

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