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EP07: What to Look for in a Healthy Mattress

Finding a healthy mattress has never been easier but also has never been more overwhelming. With more and more brands on the market, we’re bombarded with sales and marketing tactics that make it sound like we can get a steal on a non-toxic mattress. Unfortunately, we often get “sold” on the idea of healthy, without much standing behind the claims because there are no laws that define “natural”, “non-toxic”, or “organic.” 

There’s also a lot of fear-based messaging out there about conventional mattresses being pure poison.

So how can you figure out what the best healthy mattress is for you? 

Being an informed consumer is more important than ever, and I’m on a mission to not only tell you about great brands, but also teach you how to read labels and websites and ads so you don’t get roped into less-than-accurate claims. 

In this episode we cover:

  • What’s wrong with flame retardants (and why they aren’t as big of a deal)
  • What CertiPUR Certifications mean
  • Common greenwashing claims, and what questions to ask manufacturers
  • What to look for in a natural mattress
  • What to do when a certified organic mattress isn’t in your budget
  • Where to find healthier options

Links Mentioned in this Episode

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Mattress blog with brand recommendations: https://greenathome.ca/non-toxic-mattress-brands-where-buy/

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