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EP05: Childhood Vaccinations Part 1 – What Parents Need to Know To Make Informed Decisions

Alright folks, we’re getting brave here and talking about a topic that can be heated and polarizing: Childhood vaccinations. But we’re doing it in a way that is rooted in empowerment and information. We will NOT be telling you whether or not to vaccinate your child. That is a decision that is more nuanced than can possibly be delivered in a podcast.

This is part one of a two-part conversation with Dr. Taylor Bean, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in British Columbia, Canada who has completed the Immunization Certification. She supports families globally who want more information on vaccines from a respectful, transparent and informed choice point of view.

In this episode we cover:

  • How vaccines work
  • Immune system basics
  • Testing immunity
  • Vaccine schedules & why there are boosters
  • Adverse reactions
  • What’s in vaccines: Aluminum & other adjuvents, Mercury
  • Optimizing your health pre-vaccination
  • Growth media of antigens


Links Mentioned in This Episode:

Dr. Bean’s vaccination resources – https://drtaylorbean.com/services/vaccination/