covid-19 Isolation Survival Guide

I know, I know, we’re all sick of hearing covid this, physical distancing that… but you know what? This is our reality and if I were a betting girl, I’d bet it’s going to be our reality for quite some time. And if you’re like me and just about every other person on the planet, you’re having a tough time with the new isolation conditions. I’ve gone through the various stages of grief… and will probably cycle through them a few more times before this is all over.

And the panic I’ve seen in various mom communities online suggests I’m not alone. But I’m seeing a lot of women are having a hard time coming out of panic and anxiety. I get it. This situation is HARD. But I also know that our kids are watching.  I think we owe it to them to model behaviour in crisis that we would want them to practice.

In light of that, I’d like to share a little bit of insight into what’s run through my brain over the past month:

Denial: “Huh, this virus doesn’t sound great. Glad we live somewhere we won’t be affected.”

Anger: “What?! Schools are closed for 2 whole weeks? This is going to be terrible.”

Bargaining: “Who wants to socially isolate together? Anyone want to borrow a kid?”

Depression: “I can’t do this. I miss my life. I miss people. I miss my quiet house while I’m working. This is too much…” {This wasn’t my finest several days, but I also think it’s important for kids to see us have emotions and this is where they saw the most.}

Acceptance: “OK, sitting on the kitchen floor crying felt good for those 20mins, but I can’t live like this for months. Let’s figure out a way to make this work.”


So, now that I am sitting squarely in Acceptance I’m trying to keep from reverting back into a depression state. I wanted to share some things that have helped me out – giving me comfort, self care, or making life a little easier. So I can help support my family through this time and show them that we can do hard things. 

I’ve put together a little covid-19 Isolation Survival Guide – I hope you find it helpful and that it inspires you to add some things to your new routine that bring you joy and help make this situation a little easier. I’ve linked some of my favourite products and businesses too.

Get Out of Your PJs 

OK, I know staying in PJ’s or yoga pants all day is tempting… but one of the biggest shifts in my mood was starting my day getting properly dressed. The bonus is that with my super comfortable (and eco-friendly) outfits from Logan & Finley, it still feels like I’m in pjs. But I know I’m dressed and ready to face the day.

Owner Julie has even created a collection specifically for the work-from-home life. You can shop online – and get a virtual wardrobe consultation – here. (And most of what I’m wearing in my photos on social and my website are from Logan & Finley!)

Logan & Finley clothing

Move Yo’ Body

I’m only just starting to get back into working out after a solid couple of months off (the flu hit our house in February). I am a terrible self-starter and got used to the routine of going to the gym. So when we all got stuck at home I had a hard time getting motivated. Enter my trainer, Reena Parekh.

I’ve been training with her for years in-person. Lucky for me, and just in time for a pandemic situation, she now does online training. She helped kick my butt into action. I’ve got workouts that burn, and the accountability to help me stick to it. 

Learn more about online training with Reena here.

Oh, and maybe it’s just me, but even when I’m just stuck around the house, I don’t like going braless. My TMPL Sports Bra has definitely been my go-to. Its super soft material feels just as good all day as it does during a workout. (I also love their leggings and tank, pictured below.)

Shop their high performance, ethically-made, non-toxic line of athleticwear here and save 15%. In the photo below I’m wearing the medium support sportsbra (that I’m wearing as I write this), tank, and pocket leggings.


Pamper Yourself

I’ve started putting on make-up every day – even more than I used to beforehand. I don’t know if it’s because I’m washing my hands a million times a day and looking in a mirror more often or what, but the morning routine also helps me set myself up for a healthier mindset to face the day.

My favourite make-up brands are all thanks to Maria Velve – my go-to skincare expert and make-up artist. She sells amazing brands in her online shop and can do virtual consultations too! Check her out here.

In the quiet, after the kids are in bed, and nobody’s asking me for something (maybe my favourite part of the day?!)… I’ve started really looking forward to my pre-bed facial treatment. 

I’ve been using an oil cleanser and moisturizer from Lifance, which I am absolutely loving. (You can save 15% when you use your Healthy Moms Discount Card. Don’t have one yet? Grab it here and save a whole bunch on awesome products and services.)

In the shower, I use an exfoliating face scrub I picked up when I got my last facial at Pure & Simple. They’re selling self isolation kits now that look like fun too. 

These simple luxuries seem to help melt away the stress of the day, and I enjoy them unapologetically.


Embrace the Chaos + Simplify

So all the product-based strategies aside, the greatest survival tactic I realized is that I have to embrace the chaos and learn to simplify. 

I say chaos because I think it aptly describes the idea that we are to instantly transform into different people and lose our usual support systems. In my case, I am now a work-at-home and stay-at-home-mom, being the primary caregiver during the day as my husband works for an essential service. We don’t have access to grandparents or babysitters. Given how quickly I went from a work-at-home-while-kids-were-at-school-mom to this new reality… chaos is really how I feel.

But I’m learning to embrace it and work with it – after I went through the grief process about what I’ve “lost”, which I still think is an important thing to acknowledge.

And simplify is a word that resonates with me as I navigate trying to do all the things… so I wanted to share something from the most gentle soul you’ll ever meet, Lynne Newman. She offers coaching and workshops around simplicity parenting among others, and has put together a great (free) e-book to help you simplify your children’s toys. 

With everyone home looking for something to do, this might seem counter-intuitive. But her process will help you create a more calm home, and will make it easier for your children to engage with what they already have better.

You can download it here.


We’re in this for a long time. When I moved through the stages of grief and really settled into that, I was able to focus on the little things that ultimately help boost my mood and morale. Getting outside has also been a huge part of my support process, but I know with varying levels of isolation that might not be possible where you are – but if you can do it safely, try to get outside or at least open your windows every day.

I think it’s important to acknowledge that it’s not business as usual right now. Lower expectations of what you can get done in a day if you’ve got children at home especially. Practice daily gratitude, allowing yourself to acknowledge what went well. 

And most importantly, show compassion to yourself and others. We’re all doing the best we can. 

If you’d like to continue having conversations about navigating this time, creating healthy homes, and supporting healthy families, I invite you to join me over in my free Facebook Group, the Green Product Forum >> click here to join now.


This post contains affiliate links. These help support the work that goes into this blog and other resources I create. For any purchase made from affiliate links, I earn a small percentage at no additional cost to you. Thanks for supporting the businesses I love, and for helping me continue to do my work :).

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