2019 Green Gift Guide

I used to plan holiday gifts for months. Then I had kids, and with all the other planning and things to stay on top of, shopping started in (late) December. I think there’s a happy medium, and one strategy that I subscribe to that has helped immensely is this: Don’t just give for the sake of giving. Regardless of whether your friends and family subscribe to your green lifestyle, you can give great green gifts that anyone would love!

This means it might take some time and planning to find a gift that the person you’re giving it to actually wants (or needs). And let’s face it… as a mom, my wants these days are mostly needs as well.

With my annual Gift Guides, I hope I can inspire you and give you some great ideas to keep gift giving simple and personalized, while supporting small and local businesses instead of defaulting to Amazon and malls.

So without further ado, here are my picks for giving this year. 

My Kindness Calendar

This is a reusable and amazing alternative to the advent calendar! We got one last year and I’m excited to bring it out again in December. Your kids can pick a kindness action for each day, and add the reusable sticker to the tree. Such a lovely way to celebrate the season, right?! My kids got really excited and proud of everything they did.

Get your calendar here, and use code FORMYFRIENDS for 10% off!

Healthy Moms Discount Card

Everybody needs this card! It offers ongoing (i.e. it doesn’t expire) savings on products and services you already love and will love learning about. You can use it locally in Toronto, Vancouver, or L.A. but also on hundreds of online purchases as well. Everything from professional services to healthy food to housewares, this card helps you save some serious cash! 

Get your Healthy Moms Discount Card here.

You can also check out the participating businesses for even more gift ideas! 

TMPL Sportswear

If you’ve got a yoga-enthusiast, gym-goer, sports-player, or just general spandex lover on your list, you have to check out TMPL. They are a new company looking to totally disrupt the athleticwear market by providing clothing that meets 3 pillars: Clean (certified non-toxic fabrics), Conscious (ethically-made in Canada), and Performance (all the 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking, and odour-control you could ask for). I’ve been putting their clothes to the test for the past few months on the ultimate field and at the gym and absolutely love them.

Easy online orders and great return policy, so you can feel good knowing this is a gift they’ll love no matter what. Check it out here and use code EMMAR for 15% off!

Sustainable Fashion and Zero Waste Supplies from Logan & Finley

This eco-conscious general store has a little something for everyone. Their clothes are carefully curated to meet owner Julie’s sustainable fashion criteria (built to last, natural fibers, and/or made locally). And you can put together awesome gifts for the avid traveller in your life, anyone looking for eco-friendly housewares, and even super cute accessories.  

Check out the amazing things Logan & Finley has in their online shop here. If you’re in Toronto, definitely stop by in-person – it’s worth the trip to experience the store, and Julie is an absolute genius at styling (tell her I sent you). 

Eco Housewares from Organic Lifestyle

From luxurious organic cotton towels and sheets, to zero waste and plastic alternatives, Organic Lifestyle offers a range of products that are free from harmful chemicals. It’s my go-to shop for pillows too (my favourite pillow in the history of all pillows is made with shredded rubber of all things!). 

Browse everything Organic Lifestyle has to offer here

Healthy Home Support

Did you know I offer online courses and programs to help simplify and demystify the process of creating a healthier home? Now, you can ask a loved-one to sign you up or give to a friend! Simply choose a Guide or Program from this page, and send me an email at hello@greenathome.ca and we’ll get you set up :). 

Experience Gift Ideas

With an audience from all over the map, it’s harder for me to give specific experience ideas because they’re so location-dependent… but here are some of my favourite general ideas. 

I love giving experiences because they create memories instead of waste. Giving your time along with it means more than “stuff” – especially for people who have everything they need. I prefer experience gifts for kids too, because they already have so much stuff!

  • Spa day or massage
  • Escape room and dinner
  • Paint night at a local art studio
  • Cooking classes
  • Lessons (skiing, skating, etc.)
  • Meal delivery service
  • A passport for adventures with you throughout the year

There are hundreds of experiential gift ideas, but these are some I’ve done or really liked receiving.

What About the Kids?

This year’s guide is centred around giving to adults. For kids, focus on practical stuff and don’t be afraid to make your wishes totally clear – clothes, scooters, games, books, etc. I find kids almost always know what they want too, but giving to adults can be more tricky. Don’t forget about you. I tend to default to the “I don’t need anything” answer… but just putting this list together has given me some good ideas for my own wish list. We deserve to be spoiled too! And yes, eco-friendly housewares is now my idea of getting spoiled ;). 

This guide was short and simple on purpose. If you’re anything like me, having more choice isn’t always helpful. I hope it inspired you to simplify the season! You can keep things simple and still show you care, afterall.

This post contains affiliate links for brands I know, trust, and love. If you purchase through the link provided, I make a small commission. This does not affect the price for you. Thanks for supporting 2 small businesses in 1 click!

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